Mortex is a specialist mineral floor covering and wall coating with a wide range of applications, all of which blend harmony and aesthetics together to achieve perfect results. Formwork Construction Ltd typically uses Mortex on surfaces which aren’t always easy to strip and prepare, or to cover over with an alternative material. It is a particularly good choice for covering brickwork, blockwork, stone and tiles.


When it comes to building for the future while restoring the past, Mortex mineral coatings provide our company, and our customers, with positive results over bases which are in average to good condition,


This makes Mortex a particularly strong choice for house refurbishments when a property is in dilapidated condition, and for house extensions when the property owner has a specific finish in mind or is extending an existing space instead of using us for a room addition.


We have used Mortex mineral coatings on a sizeable number of previous projects in Teddington and the surrounding Richmond and Twickenham areas. Because it has a permeable composition, Mortex is also a great choice for kitchen, bathroom and wet room remodelling projects.


The Benefits of Mortex


Mortex applications save time and money on the job because our contractors won’t have to lift or prepare the existing floor or wall surface as they would with other materials. Used with a tint to achieve colours chosen by our customers and clients, Mortex dries to a thickness of between 1mm and 3mm. In terms of price, it is an economical mineral coating that still provides homes with the all-important decorative edge.


  • Waterproof – Mortex is a perfect choice for house refurbishments in Richmond, Twickenham and the surrounding areas where the finished surfaces of a room come into contact with water.

  • Adhesion – Strong adhesion makes Mortex ideal for work on supports with no concerns whatsoever about flexibility and resistance. We can even use it as a screed for underfloor heating systems.

  • Thickness – Thin-layered application techniques make Mortex particularly suitable for detailed construction and refurbishment projects with the added benefit of low product consumption.

  • Durability – Mortex has exceptional durability and a long lifespan thanks to high anti-abrasive and compression-resistant performance. Few materials can provide such longevity at such an affordable price.

  • Style – The neutral base colour of Mortex allows for pigment addition to the mass, and this achieves an almost endless number of possibilities when it comes to appearance and colour coordination.

Mortex Mineral Coatings | The Perfect Finish


When it comes to applying the finishing touches to our construction jobs, mineral coatings from Mortex remain one of the most popular. Whether our customers and clients want to add a luxurious aesthetic within their home, or wish to create stunning retail, hospitality or commercial space, we have the expertise and good contacts with market-leading suppliers to bring your concepts to life.


The most common substrates used with mineral coatings include concrete, stone, masonry, earthen plaster and lime plaster. With impressive versatility, Mortex mineral coatings have an extensive range of uses:


• Interior and Exterior Room Space

• Floor-to-Ceiling Coverage

• Showers and Bathrooms

• Swimming Pools

• High-End Decorative Work

• Fitted and Freestanding Furniture


Our mineral coatings come in multiple shades, which we can further enhance by adding effects and finishes. These surfaces don’t just look beautiful; they deliver hardwearing performance, adhere to the substrate well and offer suitable thicknesses for long-term durability, resilience and visual appeal.


Because of its ability to create a flowing, continuous surface, and its compatibility with any other building and decorating material, Mortex works wonders in every situation – from the refurbishment of period properties to the creation of new builds.

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For more details on Mortex mineral coatings for your Surrey, Berkshire, Middlesex or South West London property, call 020 8977 7066.

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