Property owners in need of more living space usually have two options: move to a larger house or create new habitable areas within their existing home. When it comes to moving, homeowners not only have to accept the associated stress, concern and costs, they might have to move out of a neighbourhood, and possibly a school catchment area, that attracted them in the first place. As such, it’s no surprise that loft conversions continue to hold their popularity as the chosen path for those in need of additional living space.


Based in Teddington, Formwork Construction Ltd provides a personalised, start-to-finish service for loft conversions in Richmond, Twickenham and the surrounding areas of South West London, Surrey, Berkshire and Middlesex.


Our accredited, experienced builders transform these underused areas into stunning living spaces of our customers’ choosing. From a bedroom to a home office, and from a bathroom to an entertainment centre, our loft conversions not only open up a new storey to your property, they also increase the overall resale value too.


With an in-house team covering every trade needed to deliver projects of this size, we ensure quality control throughout the project and a swift, efficient progression to completion. In addition, due to our project management as a sole contractor, our customers have the convenience of a single point of contact, making it easier to ask questions and receive regular updates.


As a customer-focused company, we handle everything from drawings and planning through to liaising with the local authority to determine permitted developments. If needed, we also secure planning permission on behalf of our clients.


We prioritise 100% client satisfaction from the very first point of contact, so we offer free advice and estimates as well as references upon request. We recognise that loft conversions can often seem daunting, so here at Formwork Construction we strive to make them as straightforward and enjoyable as possible.


To arrange an initial consultation, please contact us. Our team travels to homes and workplaces in Richmond, Twickenham, South West London and the neighbouring areas.

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This type of conversion involves hanging a structural steel or timber extension vertically from a tile or slate slope in the roofing structure. These loft conversions create a large floor space with substantial headroom, making them the most popular design in the country. As an added benefit, our builders carry out work on the exterior of a property, thus minimising disruption for the occupants inside.


Due to their simple construction and appearance, most conversions in this style fall inside the classification of permitted development.



When it comes to Mansard loft conversions, our builders raise the party walls on both sides of the property. Once extended, we then add in the framework that becomes the conversion itself. These designs come with a distinctive shallow slope. While this produces slightly less headroom than dormer loft conversions, it still provides more than enough space for easy living.


Mansard loft conversions have particular popularity with owners of period properties who need a very specific aesthetic. However, because of the construction work on the party walls, these loft conversions usually require planning approval.



These loft conversions provide a perfect solution for semi-detached or detached properties in Richmond, Twickenham, South West London and the surrounding areas. Hip-to-gable loft conversions involve the outward extension of a roof’s sloping sides, where we duly replace them with a vertical wall known as a gable. For an even greater amount of floor space, we can combine this type of conversion with a Mansard or dormer design.


Most hip-to-gable conversions fall within permitted development rights, so they do not require approval from a local authority.


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House Refurbishments in Twickenham